Tribal DDB reconnu leader dans le marketing mobile par une entreprise de recherche indépendante

Nous sommes très fiers d’annoncer aujourd’hui que Tribal DDB a été parmi les entreprises sélectionnées par Forrester Research, Inc, pour participer à son rapport de Janvier 2012 :  » Agences Digitales aux États-Unis – Stratégie de marketing mobile et de l’exécution, Q1 2012». Dans cette évaluation, Tribal DDB a été citée comme un « leader » dans le marketing mobile.

Forrester a étudié les solutions de neuf agences digitales disposant de services de marketing mobile, et selon sa méthodologie dite « wave », ces agences ont été a placé selon quatre vagues : »dirigeantes, performantes, prétendantes, et à risque ».

Zone Bleue DDB et Tribal DDB lancent la première web TV de Maroc Télécom dédiée la Coupe D’Afrique des Nations.


Nombre de vues : 115 000 ! (Emission 1)

The FWA contacted me to give us the great news that Tribal DDB Worldwide has been inducted as the fourteenth FWA Hall of Fame member. The FWA Hall of Fame is a dedicated showcase to highlight the greatest winners at The Favourite Website Awards and those who have shown outstanding achievement in interactive design, development, creativity and future thinking, thereby paving the way for the future of innovation. Like any membership, the FWA Hall of Fame status is hard to achieve, so we’re honored to receive the nomination.

A BIG thanks to all of you, who are a part of our Tribe around the network. Our showcase membership is a result of your ideas, perseverance and hard work over the years. Without our great teams, we wouldn’t have created a game within YouTube (Intel); and an interactive adventure for TV viewers (StarHub); or a truly cinematic experience online (Philips) to name a few winning campaigns.

In sum, Tribal DDB Worldwide has been awarded 37 FWA awards. We have won Site of the Day 29 times, Site of the Month twice, and Mobile of the Day five times. We also received the FWA Site of the Year in 2006 for our Bodygroom campaign promoting Philips Norelco’s new all-in-one electric shaver system to shave and trim men’s body hair.

Our most recent win was the Mobile Site of the Day honor on December 6, 2011 for the ‘Philips Wake-App’. The mobile app was part of the ‘Make Me a Morning Person’ Wake-up Challenge on Facebook.

Check out our profile on The FWA site to see all of our wins over the years: